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A crown, commonly referred to as a cap, is placed over your natural tooth or dental implant and is custom-fitted to your bite. A crown is placed when it is determined that there is inadequate healthy tooth structure to properly surround a filling (which might put the tooth at risk to additional fracture).  Since a crown goes entirely over the tooth, the tooth must be reduced in size to adequately allow for the size of the crown material that is going over it.

A crown procedure involves the following:

  • An X-ray is used to determine that the tooth does not appear to have any compromising health issues

  • A mold is taken of the tooth prior to treatment to facilitate making a temporary crown

  • The tooth is prepared or “reduced” to allow for the thickness of the crown which will cover it

  • An impression is taken of the “prepared” tooth and bite for crown fabrication
  • The color of porcelain prosthetics to be used is evaluated

  • A temporary crown is made and fitted to cover and protect the prepared tooth until the lab makes a permanent one

  • An appointment is scheduled for the permanent crown fitting and the crown will be cemented in place