Patient Reviews & Testimonials


We are a patient-centered General Dentistry practice. We always believe in putting our patients first. Here you can preview what some of our patients had to say about us.

Dr. Danney and his staff have provided me with excellent dental care for several years. Dr. Danney’s state-of-the art knowledge of dentistry and his years of professional experience enable him to deliver services with competence and confidence. These folks know what they’re doing. The business side of the office is also very professional and competent. I’ve never had any problems with insurance coverage and I’m always informed about costs. This is as good as dental care gets.
— Richard H.
As a client of a wonderful and caring dentist, Dr. Steven Danney, I have had excellent experiences. He is a professional as any personal dentist and takes great care and pride in treating his patients. Jean my hygienist is very good at performing her duties and is very gentle. With regards to the front office, they are all very pleasant, professional and helpful. Thank you for all the friendly reminders in regard to my future appointments.
— Nettie C.

I wish other things in life were as easy and enjoyable as visiting Dr. Danney and his staff at S. Danney Dental Group. I have been a patient of Dr. Danney since 2009 and I continue to return because of the wonderful experience I have each time I go in for an appointment.

First the work of Dr. Danney and his dental hygienists is outstanding. I am constantly asked throughout any procedure if I feel ok or whether a different approach is necessary to make me feel better. Most importantly, I’ve never encountered any problems with any of the work at S. Danney Dental Group. Second, Dr. Danney’s pleasant and professional staff make scheduling appointments easy and can always accommodate my busy schedule. It’s so refreshing to receive such great customer service.

Based on my great experiences, my wife began seeing Dr. Danney too! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Danney to anyone in need of a dentist.
— R.C.

Dr. Steven Danney was my clinical instructor at UCLA Dental School in 1984 and 1985. He taught restorative dentistry ... how to do fillings. He was and is honest, talented, compassionate and a task master at doing things correctly with no short cuts. He is driven to do what is best for the patient.

I do not live nearby but I would not hesitate to go to him for dental treatment. He does not believe in upselling and doing unnecessary treatment - all of which is rampant in dentistry today.
— Joseph H., D.D.S.

Dr. Danney is a Seasoned Veteran and a person can Trust him Totally to get the job done right. He and his whole staff are very conscientious to assure that the patient is comfortable. Excellent experience when one has to see the dentist
— James T.

Often times when there is so much to say about someone articulating your sentiments can be a challenge.

With Doctor Danney though, he is one of those rare few that makes it even harder due to just how exceptional he is & how much we truly respect & appreciate him.

Besides always commenting how much we like him (personally) or how phenomenal he is (as a dentist) ... time & again, I’ve noticed a few major things we all consistently reference (directly or indirectly): how much we trust him & how much he truly cares.

He is one of those rare few that it is just who he is. To him, it’s just normal but to us it’s one of the things that sets him apart the most. His entire staff is the same way too. The more time you spend there (& I’ve spent a lot ... lol) the more you observe how genuine & amazing they all are.

Plain and simple, there is no other dentist I would trust to see besides him (& my family feels the same).

I joke with him that he’s stuck with me but at least my mom & dad are the bonus in that deal :)

We ALL genuinely appreciate EVERYTHING he’s done and look forward to many positive tones ahead!
— Derek B.

I have been a client for two years now, and I have nothing but compliments for this practice. They make me feel comfortable and I even enjoy my time while I am there. I have to admit I look forward to have my teeth cleaned! From the receptionists to the dentists, everyone is professional, nice and they all make sure you have a good experience.
— Flavia P.

Dr. Danney is amazing and I am so excited I found him. I had chipped my tooth biting down on a fork (ouch) and not only was it extremely uncomfortable, I was also very insecure having a chip on my front tooth. I am on an interview series regularly and LOVE my smile as it is one thing I am always confident (about). With this chip, I was definitely not feeling very confident! I was referred to Dr. Danney from a family member and had such an awesome experience. I was able to get into the office immediately and Dr. Danney fixed the chip and it looks perfect! I am now back to smiling confidently.

I am so grateful for his talent and the work he did. He is personable, caring and was sensitive to my nerves getting this work done and walked me through what the plan was and executed it with precision and mastery and it went by so quick! I appreciated the entire experience. The office is spotless, the decor was inviting and the amenities were clean and modern. It was a great experience and I loved the entertainment and music to take the edge off my nerves!

The staff is so kind and helpful from booking the appointment to welcoming me in the office when I went for my appointment. I am so happy to have found a dentist now that I moved back to San Diego. I recommend him to everyone. If you want a great experience at a clean office with great service and a talented staff of hygienists and an outstanding dentist, I highly suggest you book an appointment! Cheers!
— Missy S.

Dr. Danney is a great dental provider. He is knowledgeable and performs multiple procedures. All of mine have been successful. Dr. Danney is also friendly, checking with his patients during the procedure to see how they are feeling. He also explains the procedure to the patients - which I like. It’s good to know exactly what is being done and why. He also asks if there are any questions - which he provides answers to. As I said earlier he is an outstanding dental provider!
— Lynn A.

I came to Dr. Danney after having had bad experiences with two previous dentists/dental practices. I had a crown and a cavity filled previously and both were causing me pain and discomfort. I originally started at a dental practice that gave me a crown (and root canal) for a cracked tooth and a serious infection (which was crazy painful) about 3 years ago. Since then, the crown has ‘ached’ endlessly and the gum around the crown sensitive and irritated. I complained numerous times to the previous dentist about it and he always shrugged it off. So I switched to another office to see what they thought. When I complained to the new office, they stated, ‘discomfort is normal with crowns.’ Hmmm, ok, . So at that time, I had another tooth sensitive to cold and this second dentist claimed (after x-rays and exams) that he could not see anything wrong, but was willing to remove the old filling and replace it for me. So he did, or so I thought, for $200. Well, 2 weeks later, my crown is hurting like crazy and I had to take 1,500 mg of pain killer just so I can sleep AND my filling was STILL sensitive.

Enter my hero, Dr. Steven Danney with S.Danney Dental Group, Inc. Even though I did not have any insurance coverage at this point, Dr. Danney agreed to see me and work out the payments. After my new x-rays and exams, Dr. Danney found that my crown actually had residual INFECTION in the root that was never properly filled!!!!! AND the filling I just paid $200 for, had in fact fallen out since they used ‘an unknown material’ and just COVERED UP THE OLD FILLING!!!!!

What the heck!!!!

Well, having a crown redone is not an easy process. Four appointments later a very patient, diligent and HONEST Dr. Danney has given me a new crown and WOW, it doesn’t hurt at all! The gum no longer aches and I can even chew on my right side again. What a concept. My new filling is scheduled for next week.

Dr. Danney and his staff are absolutely incredible. From the moment I walked in, for every appointment, to the moment I left, I felt cared about as a person and not a paycheck. Thank you to all of you for making me smile again and renewing my faith in dentists.

I highly recommend S.Danney Dental Group, Inc. for everyone’s dental work. You won’t be sorry.
— Catherine S.

I have been going to Dr. Danney since he started his practice here in San Diego. He is very conscientious with the work he performs on me. I have had a number of crowns done and in each case he and his staff have taken special care to make sure each crown fits well. I feel very confident with his decisions regarding my teeth, when to deal with a cavity and when to just watch, wait and see. I highly recommend him as an honest, skillful family dentist.
— Beth S.